When you know who you are, you know what to do.

I see a glittered trail that sparkles brilliance to guide our steps and creates light, love & laughter….” JP

What if you left a particle of Insight and a Piece of your Glitter stuck to each person you interacted with and they also did the same, leaving a piece of their glitter stuck to others? When they made someone smile or lifted their burden without any expectation what would you see in the ripples created by touching each others Heart?

I see Sparkling Lights rippling through Homes, Communities, States, Countries, Continents, the Universes…

In the midst of our Heart’s journey each of us, deep within ourselves, has a Burning Desire to do, see, or say those ideas that Make us Sparkle. Consider that the passion you express from within might develop a purpose that delights you everyday. By living within that passion and purpose of Joy – you spread joy and give perspective to others along the way.

Finding your sparkle “Within” you is totally and INside job. It begins when we are aware and bring the alchemy wisdom from our past experiences to the present of today. By gathering the wisdoms of our yesterdays, while staying in today’s present, we all move forward to our greatest tomorrows!