When there is FEAR..what do you do?

It is not uncommon to experience fear of some sort, by everyone. It can be felt in your Body, Mind, or Emotions, that is not the issue. What will you do when you feel it.. that is the issue.  Fear is now my friend, it lets me know I need to be aware of a situation and prepares me to succeed.  I take each  opportunity to learn something new and transform the old way that did no longer work.  When I recognize fear now, I use a tool I created, it puts perspective on what I am dealing with, and clarity, making it easier to focus on the meeting, appointment, or experience in front of me. I would like to share the tool that helps my perspective:


Face Everything Always Respectfully
Becoming Fearless





When I think of all energy as equal opportunity, it gives me strength in myself. I believe it can make a positive difference for you also. I would like from you.

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