Gratitude is always in Season…

Thanksgiving becomes a time of Appreciation and Gratitude…Image

  • What happens after Thanksgiving, when November ends and  December begins? I hear all the cheer of the holidays, and celebrations, and the creation of giving happening. Many take time to help others in a special way.

Every month can be a month of Gratitude and Appreciation.

As our seasons change needs change. I was grateful I had 4 wheel drive today when I was out and about, with the snow and ice on the streets!! I am grateful Spring, Summer, and Fall follow Winter.

As I was coming home, (warm,comfortable) I was reminded that there are those without homes not only where “Sandy” hit, on the East Coast, but right here in the RR Valley. All the homeless shelters are full, and this year it has been that way all year. Now with the Cold, Freezing,Below Zero weather coming, they are still full, and many waiting. Men, Women,Children, and those who had homes, jobs, and now they don’t know what or where to go. Those holding the cardboard signs, at the end of freeways, and streets, now have their ID’s in hand, and off their faces are what could be ice, and steam from their breath.

What can I do to make a difference? Image

As I left the corner today, I thought of “What could I do?”.  I believe that some simple things could help the moment.

  • Change, the coins that we have, added together with others makes dollars.
  • Gift cards from Fast food Establishments would be easily packed in my purse to pass on.
  • Volunteer at the local shelter, Food Panty, or Mission.
  • Clean my cupboards and donate food, and clothing not being used.

Call the shelter, when I have a labor job for the day, and ask if they have someone who would be able to do the job, all year round.

  • Purchase a Hot Beverage, or/and a meal, deliver it to the street corner, where the person is.

I simply ask, if these ideas are possible for you, or those you know, please share them, and help make a change for the greater good of those who need help. Making a positive difference is always in Season, every year, every month,each week, and everyday.

I want to thank you for your consideration, and sharing of any idea that would work for you and those you know. I am grateful for the blessings of family, and friends, and oooohhhh sooooo much more.  Image







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