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 People often say that motivation doesn’t last..

Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we
recommend it daily.
~ Zig Ziglar


TRAGIC  vs TRIUMPHIC                   
Amazing Possibilities.. are available to all. 
Unseen help, and guidance when you look carefully and ask what can “I” find that is good in this?
When Thomas Edison was 67 yrs old, his laboratory burnt down, and he had no insurance.   The next day Thomas Edison made this statement: 
“There is benefit in every tragedy, thank God every mistake we had made is now been burned up!” 
Two  weeks later they produced the first phonograph.. 
Take a minute, close your eyes, and be still.  When you are in the experince of stillness what is comes to you in your mind? Do you think or see images, colors, numbers, past experiences, people present, or past? Are you hearing anything? 
When we take the time to be still, experience and process what we receive, it is a message from within ourselves to consider in the present; and how it is affecting your life.  Is that the message “to lead” you, where you want to go? If you change nothing will you be happy and content? If not, what would you need to change? 
By becoming aware of what is around us, we have created an amazing opportunity for things to be seen, because of mindfulness and focus on the situation.  Our mind, notices the same things you are focusing on: the blocks are removed and opportunity to complete the mission is possible because we see what we are looking for more easily. IE:  When you buy a green vehicle, can you recognize all the green vehicles that are in your path?
Personally, I agree with Thomas Edison, and have lived through many of the optional choices faced after a tragedy. For me, creating something positive out of the “burned up” situation  has allowed me to receive and create new masterpieces, for the future.  When I consider the wisdom of others 
experiences, I also consider the results they have had. I am more likely to follow successful abundance & prosperity, than follow a road of struggle. 
This statement I share from a friend: 
“BEING” opens the portal to “VISION” which leads to the “ACTION” that 
manifests desired outcomes. 
Without the destruction of Thomas Edison’s lab, we would not have experience the source of music, in the phonograph as it is known. Music is universal and reaches to all cultures, and connects us. Music is like a prescribed medication, when used it is healing, uplifting, and empowering. 
 The cliche “Music to my ears.” may never have a sweet meaning. 
Today is a very good day to settle into your “own” self to refine values,perspective, and intent. 
“Looking for Solutions in problems, not living in the problems, develops strength, and empowers us to have the ability to “be”: by the actions of doing. ”  jp

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