I remember the first time I read a post from a friend, and how I think of it most days, when making choices. The post said,

“There are 7 days in a week, Saturday – Sunday, and “SOMEDAY”  isn’t one of them!! 

How do you decide when your choices are procrastination or you are doing exactly what you need to do for where you are?  If I can understand what is causing  the delay, it helps me to determine what I can do about it. If I am causing the delay, I need to change for different results. When I make a decision on what I think “others will think”, I am not making the best decision for me. I have also learned that timing is everything , and considering how the action of the decision will affect what I am doing in the future. I have heard many times opportunity only comes occasionally, but what if Opportunity has Endless Possibilities  and what we choose is only occasional? We can create massive results with massive actions, if it be in our home, with our family, or in our work. The real future is in what we do because we are open to the experience of the possibilities.

Considering all things,

“TODAY IS OUR PRESENT, AND TOMORROW is in the Future week, what day we make it will determine  sooner or later our Goals + Dreams = ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY

What will your plan be to get to Reality? Someday? Tomorrow? Today?


  1. Great post… truely agree that its useless to wait for “Someday” ..
    There is a quote in hindi …I vil translate it here in english
    “Its better to do our actions now & today instead of tommorow… For there may be a disaster in a moment & you will not get a chance to do it tommorow”.

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