Bald Eagle flew by my Hammock

I just can’t stop thinking about the Huge Bald Eagle that flew by my office hammock, with it’s lunch. HE made me think of the strength and symbolism of the Eagle. Research would be an appropriate way to find that knowledge. If you consider Animal Totems, you may have a personal symbolic meaning that guides you in a uplifting way. I have smiled each time I thought of the magnificent bird… it was very odd to see an eagle fly under the wires, between the house and the hammock. I grateful felt very blessed..!!  “JP”

What’s Your Why? (@TodaysWhy) “ July 2, 2013Eagle Symbolism:

I am Master of The Sky… Free & Victorious

Eagle Totem Powers… 

Eagle brings the totem gifts of : Freedom, Mission, Timing

Eagle brings the spirit animal energies of : Victory, Great Spirit

Eagle brings the animal magic of :  Manifestation, Visionary

Symbols and Spirit Guide Medicine of the Eagle…

The majestic Eagle totem animal is symbolic of being a supreme visionary, possessing the gift of exceptional vision, he is master of timing and accuracy.   Eagle brings the essence of expanding your spirit ~ flying high and free.

Eagle has exceptionally strong talons which are symbolic of the ability to grab what you need, in this context the meaning is to grab an opportunity while it is still within your grasp, if you wait too long the opportunity may have slipped through your grasp, this again ties into the gifts of timing and accuracy from the Eagle totem animal.


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