About Me

Julie         Julie Possehl, Light Worker Entrepreneur

Specializing in Soul Paths, Core Passion, Motivational Speaking and Story Telling, Networking, Intuitive Art and Insights, Energy Work, Numerology, Essential Oils, Nutritional Products, and more!

How does your business have a positive impact on the lives of others?

My light shines brightest when I am working with others, to provide access to excellent education, tools, experts, experiences and opportunities that empower individuals to create success on their own terms and achieve true freedom in all areas of their lives. I am a bridge that encourages and enables individuals to improve and expand to receive and claim the finest in wealth, health and wisdom.

Name one woman that inspires you.

My Mother was the first woman to inspire me. She is steadfast and grounded with a common sense, no messing around attitude and approach to life. Organization is how she provides structure and remains on task. She introduced me to the world of commerce at a very young age, letting me assist with the family business. During the summer of my 9th year I became part of the system and process, answering phones, taking messages and orders and passing them on. It was my first Networking experience! I felt great pride that my Mother trusted me and grateful that she took the time to teach, encourage and inspire me.

Name a resource (website, author, Facebook page, nature, etc) you visit for inspiration.

The first resource I turn to for inspiration, guidance and comfort is within. Through meditation, intuitive drawing and energy work I connect with my higher self, my Divine team and the Universe, God. My favorite place to this is outside, in nature. I love to experience the grounding gifts of the earth with all my senses as I connect to the calm, quiet center within that waits to inspire, guide and comfort me.

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